30 Day Shred: 11 days in

03 Oct

Salaam and hello!

So I completed the first 10 days (Level 1) of 30 day shred and started Level 2 today!

Wow did I sweat! I was actually quite worried before starting Level 2 as I’ve been reading around on forums and others have said that they found Level 2 so much harder than Level 1! However for me it wasn’t as difficult as I expected, it was almost fun dare I say?! I sweated loads which is good.

In terms of weight loss, I lost the pound that I gained, and was hoping I had lost more, but I read the following article which makes me feel better about lack of weight loss when starting a new exercise routine.

I’ve started working out; why am I still gaining weight?!

I do feel stronger and have more energy.

Anyway, I will keep posting my progress inshaAllah.

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